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Welcome to Pocket Puma Pets!
Posted by PhantomFire on Sep 08, 2009 11:10 pm
Welcome to Pocket Puma Pets!

To all of our Beta testers, THANK YOU! JT, Kip and I are grateful to you for spending your time helping us to launch this game site. This could not have been accomplished without all of you.

As a token of our thanks you will all be getting two customs of your own design and choice. You will also have premium accounts for 6 months and a few other "thank you" gifts that we hope you will enjoy.

Right now, we are setting the pumas up to fast track breeding. That is, 2 hours pregnant, kittens born breed-able and full litter capacity. Take advantage of this. New folks joining will want pumas, and you are in the unique position to provide them. Remember to be kind to your fellow members and help the pumas to retain value. We don't want things to be amazingly easy but we don't want folks discouraged either.

Pumas will be breeding ready for appx 24 hours , then we will be shifting to the permanent system. 5 days pregnancy, 12 days until kittens are breed-able. 1 kitten litters (more on that as we progress)

We should have more games added in a short period of time, and more items and shops, graphics and points of interest. This game will be ongoing, and ever evolving. We do not wish to remain static.

Remember we value your input always, and welcome suggestions and ideas.
We are glad to have you with us and we hope your time here at P3 will be enjoyable.

P3 Admins and Staff.

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