Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Puma Pets
    • What is a Pocket Puma?
      A Pocket Puma is a magical cat that can stand in the palm of your hand. Many have interesting abilities and can help solve complex puzzles.
    • How can I get a Puma?
      There are several ways to get a puma of your own.

      Everyone creates two Progenitor pumas to begin with (or upon return, if you're an older player!)

      You can purchase one from another player, or use the Puma Search to help you find that special one you want.

      Many users also have free pumas for newbies and will advertise on their signatures.
      There are give aways/"flings" done in the Discord chat at times. New members that come to chat may get pumas given to them there too.
      Also, you can find one for sale on the Forums "Puma Sales" board.

      Lastly, you can buy Tiger Eyes from the Cash Exclusives Shop and use them to buy Orbs from the Gemologist. With Orbs, you can design your own Puma in the Demo's and then make in the Orb Cavern and bring him/her to your Den as a member of your pride.
    • Can I create my own Puma?
      Yes! Aside from your progenitor pumas, you can create more custom pumas with the use of an orb. Visit the custom creator in the Orb Cavern to create a custom puma!
    • How do I find a user's pumas for sale?
      First you must click on a user's name to go to their profile. On the top right, click on the "view pride" link. That will take you to their pride page, and at the top left you should see a "sales den" link. There is also a Puma Search (PUMA SEARCH) that will allow you to search for Pumas by breed, marking and many other options!
    • Is there a limit of how many Pumas I can own?
      There is no limit at this time.
    • Will my Pumas die?
      No, But they can get fairly angry.
    • Can Puma names be changed?
      Yes, they can. Puma names can be changed whenever you like. You can find the option to rename them under the Manage/Breed tab.
    • Is it necessary to feed Pumas?
      It is, if you wish to breed them! A comprehensive explanation of this system, the "H3 Meters" can be found here (H3 METERS). Your Pumas will NOT die or disappear if unfed, so you do not need to panic.
    • Markings & Evolutions
      • What is a Marking?
        Markings are patterns and designs, such as stripes, spots, swirls and other shapes that make up your pumas overall coat appearance.

        Pumas can have as many markings as you like, and they may be any color, paradigm, paradigm mix, or combination of color and paradigm!

      • How many markings can there be on a custom Puma?
        You can have as many markings as you have orbs. Orbs are "stackable" meaning you can use as many or as few as you like. You even get "change" in orbs, for example, if you only wish to use 3 markings out of a 4 marking orb you will get one emerald orb as change.
      • What are Evolutions?
        Evolutions are additional traits such as wings, fins, quills, saberteeth, claws and more!

        They can be applied during custom creation or added to existing pumas using a Morpholixer or Changeling Elixir.

        Evolutions can also support their own markings called Enchantments.

      • What are Paradigms?
        Paradigms are color patterns you can use when making your custom puma. When making customs you can choose a paradigm or a hex color, or the markings/evolutions can be done with a mix of paradigm and a hex color. There is a list of all the paradigms here (PARADIGMS LIST)

      • What are Enchantments?
        Enchantments are markings that can be added to evolutions on existing pumas.
        They can be found in the Evolutionary Enchantments (EVOLUTIONARY ENCHANTMENTS) shop, but sometimes also appear as prizes, or as crafted items.
        They are also known as Evo Marks.
      • What are Cabochons?
        Cabochons add special Markings to pumas. Often these markings apply a special effect or animation!
        Cabochons are found in the Firefly Trader (FIREFLY TRADER) and also can be obtained from Bone Collector's Crypt.
        They are items that can be added onto a puma that is already created.
    • Breeding
      • How do I breed Pumas?
        Your puma cannot be hungry, so be sure to keep them well fed!

        You can feed pumas from your inventory, or visiting the Feed Pumas page. A good source of food is the excavation game, or purchasing from the Delicatessen.

        You can either find a mate within your own pride, find a mate via the search engines, or use one of our various networking tools such as forums and ads.

        Note that if your puma's happiness is over 90%, you also have a chance of bonus kittens!
      • How many Pumas are there in a litter?
        Between 1 and 5.

        More than 1 is only possible if the parents are at least 90% happy.
        Premium users have a higher chance of bonus kittens!
      • How old does a Puma need to be to breed?
        12 days old, when they turn from "Youth" to "Adult" in Age. They will turn in age at the specific time they were born.
      • How many days are Pumas pregnant before giving birth?
        5 days unless a Favor of the White Flamingo is used. Using a "favor" will result in an instant birth.
        You can purchase Favors in The Barge-in Empurrium
      • Is inbreeding allowed?
        Any two Pumas that share ancestors up to 7 generations back may not be bred together. These Pumas would produce an inbred offspring, which is not allowed. After 7 generations of separation, the gene pool is wide enough that a breeding would be allowed. The system takes care of this for you, so never fear! You cannot accidentally inbreed your Pumas. There is an inbreeding tool (INBREEDING TOOL) that can be used to see if potential mates would be inbred before purchasing one of them.
      • What are Prism Scarabs?
        Scarabs are breeding add-ons that will change the paradigms the kit you breed with them. Scarabs can be obtained from Miss Mingo's Tool & Dye (MISS MINGO'S), from random events, from excavation, quests and quest shops, also some are seasonal scarabs that are only released during events and in Leo's Loot (LEO'S LOOT)
      • What are Bumbleblooms?
        Bumbleblooms are also breeding add-ons like scarabs, however they change hex colors on the kit you breed with them. Bumbleblooms are obtained from Miss Mingo's Tool & Dye (MISS MINGO'S)
    • Custom Pumas
      • How does the orb system work?
        You can buy orbs in 1-marking, 2-marking, 3-marking, and 4-marking varieties.

        Emerald Orb - 1
        Sapphire Orb - 2
        Garnet Orb - 3
        Opal Orb - 4

        You may use as many as you like when creating a puma, the orbs add up their values.

        You could use 3 Emerald Orbs (valued at 1 marking each) to make a 3-marking puma.

        Or you could use 2 Opal Orbs (valued at 4 markings each) to create a 6-marking puma, and get a Sapphire Orb as change when done.
      • Can I own a one-of-a-kind Puma?
        New One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) Pumas are not currently available. Please check back for more details.
      • Can I make a "Markingless" custom Puma?
        Yes! This requires the use any Orb, you will aquire "change" from a larger orb if used as a markingless is considered same as one marking if no evolutions are used.
    • Equipment
      • What is the Evo Marking Demo?
        The evo marking demo is used on an existing puma to see an Enchantment on any one evolution. It will only show one Enchantment Mark at a time. The Evo Demo does not allow you to order where you want it, so it always shows the evo marking on top of any existing evo marks
      • How do I dress/equip items to my puma?
        To equip any item, go to the item in your inventory, click on the drop down menu and select equip item to puma.
        Then you can either scroll through the puma list or search by breed, name or id number of the puma you want to equip it to.
        Once you select the puma and click equip item to puma, the item will be removed from your inventory and placed on the puma.
      • Once an item has been equipped to a puma, can it be removed?
        Yes, items can easily be removed from a puma.
        On your puma's profile, select the Equipment tab to view and manage equipped items.
        From the manage link, you will be able to select "Remove" next to the item you wish to take off your puma.
      • What do the different zones on the manage equipped items page mean?
        Environment Zone: Any item that is listed as an environment goes in this zone, only one can be equipped at a time. Environnments alway display behind anything else that is equipped to the puma.
        Zone #1: This is behind everything (except environment), the puma and all evolutions.
        Zone #2: This is behind the main puma body, but in front of any evolutions that display behind the puma (such as the back part of wings).
        Zone #3: This is in front of the main body of the puma, but behind any front evolutions (such as mane on male lions and wushis), and generally the place you want to put any actual clothing on male lions or wushis so they're not over the mane.
        Zone #4: This is in front of everything (except frame), the puma and all evolutions.
        Frame Zone: Any item that is listed as a frame goes in this zone, like environments, only one can be equipped at a time. Frames always display over anything else that is equipped.
  • General Gameplay & Rules
    • Can I trade P3 currency for currency from other sites?
      Yes, however it is at your own risk at this point in time, and it must ONLY be with sites that allow this type of trading. NOTHING can be traded for real life currency. NOTHING
    • How often can I play the games?
      As many times as you want! However, for the multiple play games, you can only submit a score to earn pence a limited amount of times per day: 3 times per day for a normal user, 5 times per day for a Premium user. Majong is 5 times a day for a normal user, 8 times a day for a Premium user.
    • How do I purchase items with real life currency?
      The Puma Cash Exclusives shop! You will find Tiger Eyes (TE) purchasable for $1 each, with a minimum of 5 purchased at a time. ($5)
      We currently accept Paypal.
    • What types of items are there for real life currency?
      Foremost, Tiger Eyes. These are the site exchangable currency to create custom Pumas. Each month we release Tiger Eye exclusive items. You can also buy upgrades for your account, as well as orbs for creating custom pumas, and other utility items.
    • Do I have to pay to play?
      No, you can play P3 for free.
      We also offer premium with many upgrades across the site, such as more energy, a monthly gift, more game score submissions, extra quests, and more!
    • Is it OK to make multiple threads in the forums?
      Yes, as long as they are on different topics. We do not, however, allow the "spamming" of the same topic over and over.
    • Is there a Puma/Item/User Search?
      Item, User Searches and Puma Search (Found under "Search" in your side menu). This search is always being refined and might change over time.
  • Account Information
    • Can I customize my account?
      You may customize your pride description, forum signature, and status message.
      Premium users may also upload a custom forum avatar.
      We hope to bring more customization options to P3 soon!
    • Can usernames be changed?
      Yes, they can. User nicknames can only be changed with the purchase of a nickname changing item from the TE Items Shop under the Shopping menu. (TE ITEMS SHOP)
    • Can I delete my account?
      Yes, however this must be requested through an admin or the Contact Us form.
    • Can I have more than one account?
      No, One account will give you more than enough of whatever you need to play the game. Having more than one account is against the Terms of Service on Pocket Puma Pets.
    • What happens if I don't use my account for a while?
      Your pumas will get hungry, unhappy, and unhealthy. :(
      P3 does not delete inactive accounts, so everything will be right where you left it when you return.
    • Can I have someone watch my account for me when I am away?
      No. Account sitting is not allowed.
    • Can both myself and my family member/friend/significant other have an account on P3, even if we use the same computer?
      Yes, so long as you are each using your OWN information for the account, and are not trying to skirt the "one account per user" rule by doing this. You may not work together to give any one account an unfair advantage.
    • Can I sell my account?
      No. The selling of P3 accounts is not allowed, and will result in the account being permanently frozen.
    • Why are there numbers by my name?
      That is your account number. In any place that you will be asked to put an account number or user id, either yours or another user's, that is where these numbers will go! This will also need to be added to your name in the Discord chat.
  • Items
    • When I equip an item/environment onto my Puma, it does not show up!
      Your Puma's image should be automatically reset when you add or remove an item/environment on your Puma.
      If you do not see the update on your Puma's image, first refresh the page (F5 or cmd-R). If after refreshing you still do not see your Puma's updated image, try clearing your cache.
      If the problem persists, contact a staff member or report it on the Bug Reports & Glitches forum.
    • What kind of items are there?
      There are items for feeding and playing with pumas, as well as several different equippable items for dressing them up.
      Some items are just for collecting, but most items have a use somewhere on P3!
      We also have items specifically for crafting, or using in the Trials of the Loot Labyrinth.
    • Currency
      • How do I earn money/points in P3?
        There are a number of ways, listed below.
        -There are daily activities which will reward you with food, items and points.
        -You can run a shop and sell merchandise you stock from the main shops.
        -You can offer your Pumas up for Stud / Breeding.
        -You can adopt out your kits to loving parents.
        -You can play games.
        -You can win contests.
        -You can post comments (even if only smiley) on news posts as far back as you can go.
        - The YOUR ACTIVITIES section on the index can help you find more to do to earn pence!
      • What are the different forms of currency called?
        Main Currencies
        - Puma Pence (PP)
        - Tiger Eyes (TE)
        - Fireflies (FF)

        Game Currencies
        - Bone Shards

        Quest Tokens
        - Bone Collector Token
        - Kazoo Token
        - Hydracat Token
        - Maurice Token

        Venture Currency
        - Bean Bux

        Raffle Tickets
        - Golden Raffle Ticket
        - Rainbow Raffle Ticket

      • What do the currencies do?
        Puma Pence is the general point system currency on P3. You earn these from various games and from selling items in shops or selling pumas.
        Tiger Eyes are the Puma Cash Exclusives currency. These are used to purchase orbs and other items, and can be used to trade for site items with other players.
        Fireflies are redeemable only within one shop and for specific prizes and items.
        Tokens are obtained from questing, and can be redeemed in their respective shops for special items.
        Raffle Tickets are used to enter certain raffles! Not all raffles require these special tickets.
        Bean Bux are used for Ventures.
      • What are Fireflies?
        A very special form of currency that will only be obtainable in a particular manner. They will show up in random events and can also be obtained in the quests. YOU MUST HAVE A GLASS BOTTLE FROM THE FIREFLY TRADER IN ORDER TO CATCH THEM. It just has to be bought and left in your inventory, the fireflies will automatically go into it. Only one is ever needed.
      • What do Bone Shards do?
        Bone Shards are redeemable for items from the Bone Collector's Crypt. Be alert, however, he often will ask you to perform some other task as well as handing over the required number of Bone Shards for an item! Some players will also sell pumas for bone shards as well.
    • Item Types
      • What does the item type "Currency" mean?
        Currency indicates the item is exchanged for goods or services. Most currency is spent in our Site Shops area. Some are used elsewhere, such as Bean Bux for ventures.
      • What does the item type "Orbs" mean?
        Orbs are used for creating custom pumas.
      • What does the item type "Environments" mean?
        Environments go behind the puma, on the back-most layer. They cannot be moved, rotated, or resized.
      • What does the item type "Collectables" mean?
        These items are meant for collecting, or do not have another use (yet)!
      • What does the item type "Food" mean?
        Food will fill your pumas Hunger H3 Meter!
      • What does the item type "Wearable" mean?
        Wearables are a broad term for items you can equip to a puma. Usually these are clothing-type items.
      • What does the item type "Premium Upgrade" mean?
        This item can be used to add Premium time to your account.
      • What does the item type "Frames" mean?
        Frames go on the top-most layer, above everything else on your puma. They cannot be moved, rotated, or resized.
      • What does the item type "Playable" mean?
        Playables are toys for improving your pumas Happiness H3 meter!
      • What does the item type "Transformation" mean?
        These are very special items for Transforming your puma into something new, such as the Wushi Cabbage.
      • What does the item type "Gender Swap" mean?
        This item can be used to change your pumas gender!
      • What does the item type "Petites" mean?
        Petites are small critters that befriend pumas! These can be equipped to pumas as miniature pets.
      • What does the item type "Nickname Change" mean?
        This item can be used to change your site Nickname.
      • What does the item type "Openable" mean?
        Openables contain other items inside! Some openables have "leftover" items, such as coconut halves for the Whole Coconut.
      • What does the item type "Trunks" mean?
        Trunks are special Danse Macabre (our spooky event in October!) packages. These contain cool costumes when opened from the inventory.
      • What does the item type "Packages" mean?
        Packages are a type of openable item, often containing many different items inside.
      • What does the item type "Utilities" mean?
        Utility items are things like Splatters or Morpholixers, for adding customizations to your pumas. Other utilities can change your pumas breed, trials class and element, base color, or paradigm mixes.
      • What does the item type "Scenery" mean?
        Scenery are large outdoor-themed wearables that usually equip to a layer behind your puma by default. Think mountains, tree lines, hills of grass or snow.
      • What does the item type "Eggs" mean?
        When used from the inventory, an egg can be placed into your Eyrie! These will hatch into Dragns with enough time and care.
      • What does the item type "Dragns" mean?
        Dragns are a special type of Petite that hatch from eggs in the eyrie.
      • What does the item type "Dragn Food" mean?
        Dragn Food is for feed your young dragns in the eyrie!
      • What does the item type "Energy" mean?
        This item will add to your Gold Energy! Energy is used for playing Dragns Hoard, and slowly recovers every hour, or refills entirely at rollover. (Midnight, Puma time!)
      • What does the item type "Breeding Addon" mean?
        These are used specifically to affect breeding. Favors will cause pumas to be born instantly, while others will affect colors and paradigms.
      • What does the item type "Furnishing" mean?
        Furnishings are decorative and typically indoors-type items, such as chairs, tables, lamps, paintings, things you might have in a puma home.
      • What does the item type "Landscaping" mean?
        Landscaping refers to decorative outdoor items, especially plants.
      • What does the item type "Decor" mean?
        Decor is a catch-all for decorative items that may be indoor or outdoor themed.
      • What does the item type "Staging" mean?
        Staging is for large indoor items, such as floors, walls, and typically equip behind the puma by default.
      • What does the item type "Architecture" mean?
        Architecture is for large indoor installations like fireplaces, stairs, and other structural indoor design items.
      • What does the item type "Enchantments" mean?
        These special items apply markings to the evolutions on a puma!
      • What does the item type "Materials" mean?
        Materials are designed for use in crafting. They are often wearable too, but their primary purpose is to craft other things.
      • What does the item type "Supplies" mean?
        Supplies are for the Trials of the Loot Labyrinth! These items can give you a boost when applied before starting a trial.
  • Premium
    • If I want to cancel my premium account do I get a refund?
      No. We do not offer refunds for premium.
      Every year we run a premium trial event in March if you wish to try everything premium has to offer before you buy. Otherwise you can purchase a smaller Premium duration to see if Premium is for you.
    • How do I upgrade my account to premium?
      There are four premium options available for purchase with Tiger Eyes. (TE ITEMS SHOP)

      - 1 Month
      - 4 Months
      - 8 Months
      - 12 Months

    • How do I activate Premium status?
      You must "use" a Premium Idol from your inventory to start your premium status time.

      Using a Premium Upgrade while already upgraded will add time to your existing premium to extend it.
    • What are the benefits to premium?
      There are many perks to premium!
      - A custom profile/forum avatar
      - 5% weekly bank interest (up to a maximum of 500,000pp!)
      - Bonus game submissions
      - Bonus dailys (such as fortune teller, or the enviro collector!)
      - Extra quest attempts
      - A bonus helper and poster slot for ventures
      - Double energy per day
      - And more!
  • Demos
    • What is the difference between Custom Demo and LTD Custom Demo?
      The custom demo has only the regular markings and evolutions in it and the LTD paradigms available at the time, the LTD demo has the LTD marks that are only available occasionally or from User Sales and it also will let you demo the cabochon markings. This is where you will also be where you can see all the LTD Paradigms at all times, even if not available at the time.
    • What can item demo be used for?
      The item demo can show you any equippable item and what it will look like on a puma (before you move or size it). It is very useful to match enviroments to pumas or any other item.
    • What is the Splatter Demo?
      The splatter demo can be used to see what one added marking will look like on an existing puma. It will only show one splatter marking at a time.
    • What is the Morpholixir Demo?
      The Morpholixir demo can be used to see what one added evolution will look like on an existing puma. It will only show one evolution at a time.
    • What is the Off Base Demo?
      The off base demo will demonstrate a base color change of your choice on an existing puma that an off base potion would be used for.
  • Festivals
    • What are Festivals?
      P3 celebrates many festivals over the year! These are accompanied by games, gifts, and special seasonal items.
    • How many Festivals does P3 celebrate?
      P3 primarily celebrates the following 9 festivals:

      - Peppermint Festival (February)
      - Moondance Festival (April)
      - Geek Month (May)
      - Towel Day (May)
      - Summer Festival (June)
      - Weekend Luau (July)
      - P3's Birthday (September)
      - Danse Macabre (October)
      - Winter Festival (December)

      P3 also has special releases for certain months or days such as:
      - Talk Like a Pirate Day (September)
      - Steampunk Month (November)
      - Cheese Doodle Day
      - Pi Day
      - National Donut Day
      - And others!

      See more in this guide: Special Events, Festivals and Seasons
    • What is the Profile Click Game?
      The profile click game varies from festival to festival, but its a way to engage with another user once per hour and get a prize in return. You might also get pence or decals placed on your pumas instead!

      Each festival has its own interaction that appears, such as giving a hug, or throwing a snowball.
    • What is the Gifting Stump?
      The gifting stump appears on profiles during the player's birthday, or during special holiday events.

      You may place up to 5 items in a stump per hour, along with a message.

    • What is Peppermint Festival?
      A celebration of friendship, love, and all things mint!

      Approximate Date: February 13th to 23rd

      During Peppermint Festival you will find pumas enjoying a variety of mints, from the common peppermint and spearmint flavors to more unusual and puma-oriented flavors such as tunamint or cheesemint.

      Peppermint Festival features a Profile Click game where you can visit one user profile per hour to give them a warm fuzzy hug!

      The Gifting Stump also makes an appearance so you can share gifts with friends and other players!

    • What is Moondance Festival?
      Moondance is inspired by the asian new year celebration, and often is themed around the chinese zodiac animal. During Moondance, pumas everywhere celebrate the magic of the full moon, and our Transformation-Only breed, the Wushi, makes an appearance!

      Approximate Date: First week of April

      During Moondance you have the opportunity to purchase Wushi Cabbages to transform your pumas into the rare Wushi breed.

      Random events show up all Moondance long giving away Puma Pence, and sometimes Tiger Eyes!

      Light firecrackers with your friends by playing the Profile Game each hour and collect special seasonal prizes.

      The Gifting Stump is also available during Moondance.

    • What is Geek Month?
      During Geek Month everyone gets their geek on! We celebrate all things geeky and nerdy, from books and music to film, shows, and games!

      Geek Month occurs during all of May.

      You can expect to find geeky references and pop culture themes and memes all month long.

      Unlike other Festivals, Geek month tends to release in bursts each week instead of all at the beginning.

      There isn't a profile game or gifting stump during geek month, however Geek month also overlaps with Towel Day which does include a gifting stump for its duration.

    • What is Towel Day?
      Towel Day is a worldwide celebration, but also one that the pumas of P3 holds near and dear to their hearts. Towel Day is a tribute to Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

      Towel Day is celebrated the 25th of May, but sometimes begins a day early on P3 and lasts about a week.

      During Towel Day you will find the Gifting Stump appears, covered in towels, for sharing gifts with other hoopy froods.

      Confused? Don't Panic! You can learn more about the real world Towel Day by visiting the Wikipedia Article.

    • What is Summer Festival?
      Summerfest is all about the hottest season of the year! Pumas break out the cool drinks, pool noodles, and go on exotic vacations!

      Approximate Date: June 20th-22nd, and lasts about a week or two.

      During Summerfest you can play the Profile Click Game every hour to bounce a beach ball with your friends!

      The gifting stump also appears so you can give and get summery gifts!

    • What is Weekend Luau?
      Often shortened to just Luau, this festival is a short weekend event, though sometimes extended to about a week.

      Luau is always the last weekend of August!

      Traditionally Luau has been a tropical island themed event, with Hawaiian inspiration and hula-dancing. Recently Luau has begun shifting to being a summer party that may take place in other locales, but you can expect a party no matter where the pumas go.

      The profile game is available to play once per hour during Luau, and the gifting stump also appears for sharing gifts with friends!

    • What is P3s Birthday?
      Every year P3 celebrates its birthday!

      From September 12th-18th everyone is invited to celebrate P3 being another year older.

      During the Birthday celebration we hand out gifts and cake and other sweet treats, and you can play the profile game every hour.

      The Gifting Stump also makes an appearance so you can share gifts with friends and other players!

    • What is Danse Macabre?
      Our biggest celebration of the year! The Danse Macabre is packed full of spooky scary prizes, costumes, and events!

      Danse begins in late October around the 24th, and lasts into the first week or more of November.

      Along with our normal seasonal releases, special costum packages called Trunks appear during Danse for the cost of 5 Tiger Eyes. Trunks from previous years return for 7 Tiger Eyes.

      You are invited to play the profile game each hour for special prizes, and the gifting stump appears so you can stuff it full of treats and gifts for your friends!

    • What is Winter Festival?
      Winter can be a dreary month, so the Pumas fill the time by having snowball fights!

      Each December, often lasting a bit over a month and well into January, we celebrate Winterfest!

      This festival is purposefully long, as many players are quite busy during the holidays and we don't want anyone to miss out. You'll have plenty of time to check in and get your seasonal items.

      The profile game appears during Winter Festival, where you may join the snowball fight once per hour for prizes (or a snowball to the face!).

      Giving gifts is easy with the Gifting Stump also making an appearance during Winterfest!

    • What is Steampunk Month?
      Although not one of our main festivals, we aim to release steampunk themed items during all of November!

      There are no additional features during Steampunk Month, just gears and cogs and getting creative with decorating pumas!

    • What is Talk Like a Pirate Day?
      International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Also shortened to TLAPD, this mini-celebration is about pirates, arrr!

      TLAPD happens every September 19th!

      We aim to release a few pirate themed items, and encourage players to use pirate speak and dress up pirate-themed pumas!

  • Crafting
    • What is Crafting?
      Crafting is a way to create new items.
      You input up to 4 items, and if your recipe is successful, gain something new!
    • How do I craft?
      There are two ways to craft:

      1. From a Recipe - Using a recipe you know by clicking the "Select Recipe" button and filling in the ingredients.

      2. Experimental Crafting - Plug in and items and try your luck! You can protect your items from being lost with 5,000pp insurance!

      You can view more information here: Crafting, Salvaging, & Gathering Basics
    • What is a tag in crafting recipes?
      Tags are used for item inputs that can be multiple different items, such as "Cheese" being any kind of cheese, or "Bread" accepting many types of bread.
    • What is Experimental Crafting?
      Experimental crafting is for when you are trying to figure out a recipe you don't know, or you are manually plugging in a recipe.

      Any time you don't use the "Select a Recipe" button you are in experimental crafting mode.

      While you are using experimental crafting your items are at risk of being consumed if you make a mistake! You can prevent this by checking the box for Experimental Insurance for 5,000 pp.
    • What are Crafting Tools?
      These are special crafting materials that will NEVER be consumed by crafting.

      You can check if an item is a crafting tool by looking at the description of the item. Crafting tools are deignated with [ Crafting Tool ] in the description text.

      Some examples include:
      - Basic Cookware Kit
      - Mortar & Pestle
      - Novice Alembic
      - Novice Crucible
    • How do I learn recipes?
      You can get hints from the crafting quest NPCs, experiment on your own, ask on the forums/discord, or check the existing forum threads!

      Once you successfully make an item, you learn the recipe forever!

      You can find more information and links here:
      Crafting & Gathering Discussion
  • Lore
    • Where does P3 take place?
      The planet of Zarrion.

      The area in which most pumas live is known as Pumatopia.

    • What is Zarrion like?
      Zarrion has a purple sky, and two moons.

      The moons are called Rozell and Aroyan. Rozell being the smaller and most hospitable of the two. Summers on Rozell are lovely and the hotels posh. Pumas of means travel there by shuttle and often bring the entire family with them.

    • Who inhabits P3/Zarrion?
      The natives of Zarrion are beautiful monsters. They live alongside the pumas, which are seen as playful impish pixies.
    • NPC Names
      • Who is the Fortune Teller?
        Madame Wahuhi
      • Who is the Firefly Trader?
      • Who is the Bone Collector?

        He is a very grumpy old rat, known for asking for rare and difficult to find items in his quests.

      • Who is the Enviro Collector / Boutique shopkeeper?
        Da Xiong Mao
      • Who is the Shady Dealer from the Gemstones game?

        Although two-faced, Janus always plays by the rules.

      • Who is the Gemologist shopkeeper?
      • Who is the Barge-in Empurrium shopkeeper?

        No one is sure if Cyberius is a puma, or some other creature.

      • Who is the Exquisite Aristocat shopkeeper?
      • Who is the Petites shopkeeper?

        Fenneka is known to rescue creatures whose planets have become inhospitable and bring them back to Zarrion to live and prosper.

      • Who is the Frame-Game snake?
      • Who is the Evolutionary Enchantments shopkeeper?