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Pocket Puma Pets is a free to play, brower-based, virtual pet SIM, with big cat species and tons of features!

Create and breed your own custom puma pets with hundreds of markings to choose from and endless color and pattern possibilities!

You can dress and decorate your puma pets with movable, resizable, rotatable, wearable items and clothing.

Send your pumas on idle ventures, or enter fierce trials with RPG combat!

On P3 you can play arcade games, complete quests, craft and gather materials, collect pets and items, and hang out with our friendly welcoming community.

  • Create Custom Pets!

    Choose from hundreds of markings, evolutions, and thousands of paradigms, to create your purr-fect pet! A colorful display of puma pets featuring a Tiger, Serval, Cheetah, Lynx and Lion. There are natural markings, as well as fantasy designs and additional traits such as wings, fins, and feathers.
  • Play Games

    Earn Puma Pence and prizes playing games like Mahjong, Solitaire, Jigsaw puzzles, and more! Mahjong tiles, puzzle pieces, colorful gems, and playing cards, arranged to showcase our available games.
  • Festivities Galore

    Celebrate seasonal themed events, such as Geek Month, Summer Festival, and the month-long Danse Macabre! Each season represented by a festive landscape and in-game item. Winter, with a Winter Festival snow cone. Spring, with a Moondance Festival bamboo fountain. Summer, with colorful water balloons. And last but not least, fall, with a squeaky toy cat from Danse Macabre.
  • Endless Activities

    Quest, craft, and adventure all day long to your hearts content! The NPCs of crafting and questing. An anthropomorphic goat alchemist, werewolf tinkerer, cloaked rat, and boar blacksmith. Centered on top is collection of adventuring supplies.