Puma Adventures

Your pumas will explore the dungeon, battling monsters, in the pursuit of treasure!

Daily Freebies

A mystical fortune teller lives here. Visit her once daily to receive your fortune!

Can you find the key to unlock the hidden treasure? Visit daily!

Try your luck!

A heaping pile of coins collected by a Dragn-- beware of the traps! Spend Energy to play.

Click to play and collect an environment-- can you find them all?

Click to play and collect a frame from the coilsss of this friendly snake!

Visit the Scarab Queen and collect a prism scarab from the royal vault!

Can you dig your way through the excavation grid to discover its hidden treasures?

Can you beat the Shady Dealer at his own game?


The 4 pictures are depicting a word. What do they have in common? Can you guess the word?

Fire bubbles to form groups and clear the board before it crosses the line!

Line up three or more multi-colored gems to clear them from the game board.

Clear blocks by making complete rows until you run out of space.

Piece together classic jigsaw puzzles.

The classic solitaire game!

Match all the tile pairs to clear the game screen and win a bonus. Good luck!

Tiny snake is hungry! Can you find all the food so he can eat? BUT! You must avoid the other hungry snakes who want to eat Tiny as their meal!

Match Three Game, Action

Clear the board by putting cards in sequence from ace to king.

Clear the board by clicking groups of 2 or more same color blocks.

Make words out of the letter grid, try to find as many as possible!

Find all the words in the list as quickly as you can!