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Posted by PhantomFire on Apr 14, 2024 8:42 pm
Moondance festival ends tonight at midnight! Get your needed items ASAP!
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Posted by PhantomFire on Apr 10, 2024 1:42 am
Moondance festival ends tonight [ April 10th 2024] At midnight!
Make sure you grab what you want and need asap!

Here are 2024's Moondance items Click here!
Check and see what you are still missing!

Remember Wushi's cabbages are on sale as well until midnight!

EDIT: UPDATE!! Once we realized granting an extension was the difference between life or death for kidkeeper #889 we did not want her sudden demise on our conscience so an extension has been granted until the 14th midnight. Use it wisely. :D
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New Markings!
Posted by Quadricat on Apr 07, 2024 8:04 am
New markings have appeared!

First we have a tree frog inspired marking~ (Thank you Yam!)


[ Click here to demo Callidryas! ]

And then we have two simple but useful markings for the legs..

Boots & Socks

These were designed to be shorter than Warmers but larger than Toes. They also create some cool layering with Soft Stockings!

[ Click here to demo the layering! ]

All three are available in the demo and orb cavern for designing and creating pumas. :)

LTD Paradigm Update

All the Moondance LTDs are active and they will be around for all of April and May!

• Dragn Brocade LTD
• Bold Lotus LTD
• Maple Leaves LTD
• Silk - Strands LTD
• Blossom Breeze LTD
• Blossom Fury LTD



Don't forget to check into the Campaign to claim rewards!

Leo will be handing out more eggs for a while too.. :)

And be sure to enter the Dragns & Dragons Design Challenge!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Moondance! :D
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April TE items!
Posted by PhantomFire on Apr 05, 2024 9:14 pm
April 2024. Wasn't it just new years eve? AND btw... didn't we JUST say it was SPRING? Well, I hope these awesome dragns help everyone smile :) We need more happy in the world.

• The Azure Dragn [3TE]
Party Time!

Click for a sample
Click here

• The Ruby Dragn [3TE]
A real party animal!

Click for a sample
Click here

Thank you Higgs for the TE items this month!



April 2015

Moondance may have just ended... but we have some goodies still waiting for you from Jamie! :)


Dancing Wushi [ 5 TE ]

This package contains the entire Dancing Wushi set: Dancing Wushi Mask and Dancing Wushi Cape.


Spring Dawn Pagoda [ 5 TE ]


Both are now available in the TE Items Shop, as well as our Item Demo if you'd like to see them on your puma.

Remember, the Premium Monthly item is available for 5TE if you want one or two.


REMEMBER! Also in the TE shop, Wushi Cabbages AND Wushi SALES pack! ( buy 3 get the 4th one FREE!)

You can find all on sale now in the TE Items Shop
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Moondance Festival 2024
Posted by PhantomFire on Apr 01, 2024 12:00 am


Happy Moondance!


Happy Moondance Festival everyone! April 1st thru April 10th 2023!


The Moondance Festival is the official release time of the Wushi breed. The Wushi is only available as a Transformation (or through breeding). What that means is you cannot create a Custom Wushi in the Orb Cavern like other breeds.

Wushi require a special item called a Wushi Cabbage which is used from your inventory to Transform an already existing Puma. The existing Puma can be any gender, age, breed, or generation!


These Cabbages are ONLY on sale during Moondance Festival,

Wushi Cabbage: These will be on sale in the TE Items Shop on April 3rd thru April 10th ONLY! The price is 10 TE for each Cabbage!

NEW! this year, we also have a dragn based Campaign! Click [ here ] to check it out for even more new dragn goodies!

This is a shorter festival, but there's still a ton of fun packed into it! Here's some of what you can look forward to:

Gifting Stump: Be sure to use the themed Gifting Stump to send gifts to friends and fellow members.

Profile Clicks: Light off firecrackers once every hour and see what prizes pop out! This is a "Lucky Money" festival so you will see lots of pence and some TE! This is a great way to earn more pence!

Shop Items: There are a few shop items available! Some are returning and some are brand new. Be sure to check the corner icon so you'll know if it's a moondance item! There will be only 1 or 2 2024 exclusive items this time around. The corner icon will have a '24 on it!

Random Event: A festival-themed random event should be floating around on the site...

Retiring Items: Okay, this can be a bit sad, but we have some items retiring this year. All returning festival items get a nice run of 4 years after their festival first release date, so we can make room for new ones. Items originally released in 2021 will be retiring at 11:59 PM on April 10th! These items are spread throughout the site, so be sure to grab them while you can. :)

If you'd like a sneak peak of 2024's Moondance items Click here!

We hope you enjoy the Moondance 2024 Festival!
Thanks for celebrating with us!

(Premium Members: Don't forget to grab your April Premium Gift, too!)

You will find the Wushi items at the bottom of the TE Shop page

Enjoy Moondance!
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April 2024: New Premium Gift Available
Posted by Newzy Puma on Apr 01, 2024 12:00 am
A brand new month has arrived, which means we also have a new Premium Gift!

This Premium Gift is available until the end of the month for all upgraded users. Head to your Index Control Panel to accept this month's gift whenever you are ready! Don't forget to open it and see what is inside. :)

Not yet Premium? CLICK HERE for more details, or head to the TE Items Shop to buy an upgrade item! Enjoy!

2024 Premium Trial Event!
Posted by PhantomFire on Mar 29, 2024 12:59 pm
March 29th thru April 1st marks this year's Premium Trial event! So far, we have had one of these each year since opening as a way to introduce users to our Premium account upgrade for a reduced price.


• For 1 TE or 300,000 PP, you can purchase a special 1 week Premium Trial item. By purchasing this item and then using it from your inventory, you can add 1 week of Premium access to your account. This is a great way to see if you are interested in further Premium time. We have had some requests for purchasing multiples (one to use, one to display in the Shadowbox for example). All users will be allowed to purchase up to four (4)!

• Feel free to give them as a gift or trade via our Item Transfer system. :) You should also be able to use the Gifting Stump for this purpose (when the stump is available for use). You may also sell them!

• The prices for Premium Idols are as follows and all items are available in the TE Items Shop:
1 Month = 5 TE
4 Month = 15 TE
8 Month = 25 TE
1 Year = 35 TE


Some of the great benefits of Premium are: a monthly Premium-only gift, an avatar on our forums, extra Energy, more game plays per day (example: 5 instead of 3), as well as interest on your bank account balance! There are more benefits, too, so take a look at our What is Premium? page for the full details! ( page being updated so might be incomplete)

Be sure to read all the information before you purchase. Only four (4) can be purchased per user. Collectors should feel free to purchase and display in their Shadowbox if they want!

(Previous year items are still usable, but are retired. Each Premium Trial item is unique to the year it was purchased in. :))

Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks very much for supporting P3! You guys and gals are the best!
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Petites Supplies, Dragns & Campaign News!
Posted by Quadricat on Mar 28, 2024 3:16 am
The Litterbox

A new shop selling petite supplies!

Inside you will find all sorts of pet supplies for your petite friends! Beds, brushes, food, toys, and more!

[ The Litterbox ]

Upcoming Campaign

To celebrate the year of the dragn, we have an upcoming campaign!

Starting April 1st you will be tasked with hatching dragns from your eyrie!

I advise you stock up on dragn food and egg grow potions ... you're gonna need'em! Plus there are lots of new dragns to obtain!

New Dragns?!

Yup, new dragns have appeared! And not just that, but new hatchlings and adolescents as well!
You can even hatch and equip the cute little babies..

I wonder how you get them?

New eggs too!

The Tinkerer was saying something about these eggs and crafting... hmm..
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