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And MORE arcade games!
Posted by PhantomFire on Mar 09, 2024 11:13 am
We have been BUSY!
We have added two MORE new games to our arcade to play and earn pence from!

  • Gems Match 3
  • Klondike Solitaire

Hope you all enjoy the extra games!

Let us know if you experience any issues!
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New arcade games!
Posted by Quadricat on Mar 07, 2024 10:09 pm
We have added two new games to our arcade to play and earn pence from!

  • Bubble Shooter
  • Word Search

We also rolled out some fixes and tweaks to the other games, including starting games muted, and reducing the volume of Sorcerer.

Let us know if you experience any issues!
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March 2024 TE Items
Posted by PhantomFire on Mar 05, 2024 8:18 pm
Welcome to March 2024. Here you can find considerably confusing weather and in some areas.. more snow. Here in sunny Florida however, we have LOTS of rain. Some things never change *sigh*
But, we hope to bring in a bit of happiness and a smile with the new TE items!

• Frolicking Foxes [3TE]

Click for a sample
Click here

• Ancient Wizards - Markhor [3TE]
Once upon a time...

Click for a sample
Click here

Thank you Higgs for the TE items this month!


To the Wayback Machine!

Back to March 2015.....

Jamie has sent us some lovely TE items for March. :)


Luck o' the Puma [ 5 TE ]

This package contains the entire Luck o' the Puma set: Leprechaun Hat, Pot-o-Gold, Three Clover Sprig, and Two Clover Sprig.


Spring Kiting [ 5 TE ]

This package contains the entire Spring Kiting set: Box Kite, Diamond Kite, and Floating on a Strong Gust.


Both are now available in the TE Items Shop, as well as our Item Demo if you'd like to see them on your puma.

Remember, the Premium Monthly item is available for 5TE if you want one or two.


You can find all on sale now in the TE Items Shop
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User Select & New Enchantment
Posted by Quadricat on Mar 05, 2024 7:27 am
Fancy User Selector

We now have a User fancy selector, which will allow you to search and filter in places where we had user ID inputs.

For example, when sending an item to another player..

You will now find a button instead of an input area.

Clicking the button will open up a fancy selector screen, where you can search or filter to find the user you wish to send an item to.

You can also search for an ID by prefixing it with a # number/hash sign.

Searching for a name requires knowing the first letter or more, the search will not find words in the middle of usernames.

If you really need to find a user and don't know enough of their nickname, send a message to an admin and we'll do our best to figure it out for you.

Adding users to a group-pm also got a visual update.

Premium users will display as their avatar.
Non-premium will show their featured puma.
Players without pumas will be a colorful silhouette.

New Enchantment

A new enchantment is available for Bird Wings and Griffin Wings

  • Cascade

Cascade can be found inside the Vanishing Ink!

You can buy Vanishing Ink in Evolutionary Enchantments for 1,000,000pp

More "Fade" type enchantments are on the way soon. :)

Don't forget to check out the news post below-- its Cheese Doodle Day!

Happy Cheese Doodle Day!
Posted by Quadricat on Mar 05, 2024 2:20 am

Leo has some yummy cheese doodles to share, including some new flavors!

[ Leo's Loot ]

And as a bonus.. they are ALL wearable now! :)


50000 PP reward for your first comment!

Password Security Update
Posted by Quadricat on Mar 04, 2024 5:33 am
We recently pushed an update that increases the available characters for passwords.

Password rules have been updated to the following:

8 characters or more; allowed characters:

  • Lower Case: a-z

  • Upper Case: A-Z

  • Numbers: 0-9

  • Spaces

  • Special Characters: ~`! @#$%^&*()_-+={[}]|:;"'<,>.?/

We also updated our log-in page to include a video and some fancy slides to showcase P3's features. :)

Don't worry, the video is silent!

Cookies & Ads
Posted by Quadricat on Mar 01, 2024 6:41 pm
Hey Puma Peeps! Important information today..


We have rolled out a cookie update, as you may have noticed, to bring us up to date with GDPR compliance.

You can change your cookie settings by visiting the privacy policy page and clicking the button.

P3's Privacy Policy

You can also find this page linked at the bottom of the page in our footer.

Analytics & Advertisements

One of our updates was to enroll in google's analytics and hopefully ad-sense soon.

Yeah, we know, ads suck. No one likes ads.

However, P3 could really use your support by disabling your ad-block for P3, and accepting all cookies.

Its totally optional, but it provides us with useful information, such as what devices our users prefer to play P3 on, what countries they come from, and what pages they visit most.

This information helps us better use our development resources, and ads help pay server bills so we can keep adding new features.

Premium users will not see ads once they become active.

We appreciate your support and understanding of these changes. ♥

March 2024: New Premium Gift Available
Posted by Newzy Puma on Mar 01, 2024 12:00 am
A brand new month has arrived, which means we also have a new Premium Gift!

This Premium Gift is available until the end of the month for all upgraded users. Head to your Index Control Panel to accept this month's gift whenever you are ready! Don't forget to open it and see what is inside. :)

Not yet Premium? CLICK HERE for more details, or head to the TE Items Shop to buy an upgrade item! Enjoy!

Older items made wearable!
Posted by Quadricat on Feb 28, 2024 2:47 pm

Some of our older items have been made wearable!


Dragn Food

Egg Grow Potion
Beef Dragnbites
Chicken Dragnbites
Pork Dragnbites
Salmon Dragnbites
Tuna Dragnbites
Veggie Dragnbites
Magic Rainbow Baconbite

Books & Magazines

The Puma and the Pendulum
The Cask of Amontiladopuma
The Tell-Tale Puma
A Forest Tale Ancient Tome
Blazing Sky Ancient Tome
Inner Sight Ancient Tome
Rainbow Friendship Card
Rose Friendship Card
Birthday - Fireworks
Floral Card - General
Shooting Star Card - General
A is for Alarm
B is for Bacon
C is for Cheese
D is for Danse
E is for Egg salad
F is for Fribble
G is for Geek!
H is for Herring
Campfire Songs
Little Pumas Guide to Fireflies
The Ultimate Smores Cookbook
Better Homes and Pumas magazine
Kitten and Bath Magazine
Relax - Greeting Card
The Ultimate Smores Cookbook
Better Homes and Pumas magazine
Kitten and Bath Magazine
Relax - Greeting Card

Snow Cones

Blue Raspberry Snow Cone
Cherry Snow Cone
Grape Snow Cone
Lemon Snow Cone
Lime Snow Cone
Orange Snow Cone
Plain Snow Cone
Snowman Snow Cone
Bubblegum Snow Cone
Cola Snow Cone
Cotton Candy Snow Cone
Frooty Rainbow Snow Cone
Piña Colada Snow Cone
Watermelon Snow Cone
Kiwi Flavored Snow Cone
Pineapple Flavored Snow Cone
Sweet and Sour Lemon - Lime Snow Cone

Prism Scarabs

Sneaky edit to say 160+ prism scarabs can now be worn too. They don't animate, but you can now equip them for decorating. :) Enjoy!

Maintenance Concluded
Posted by Quadricat on Feb 27, 2024 12:52 am
Maintenance has ended earlier than expected, yay!

  • The lag issues should be resolved.

  • You may notice the default CSS layout is now Space theme when logging in, however it should change over to whatever theme you normally have selected once logged in.

  • The "remember me" option has been removed and ALL sessions now last 30 days. You may still log out manually any time, and you can now view and clear your sessions in the options page.

  • If you are getting logged out frequently, or have any log in issues, please report it to us!

  • Leo's Loot will now show a "NEW" rainbow text on the side bar when you have an item to collect.

  • Manually resetting a puma image has been removed, but visiting a puma will reset the image for you. Puma Decals should now automatically expire and reset the puma image as well.

  • The way we handle random events has changed slightly, if you notice anything weird please let us know as well.

  • A lot of large changes happened behind the scenes, and although we did a lot of testing, its possible we missed something! If P3 is behaving strangely, or you notice any errors, please post to the Bug Reports & Glitches forum.

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