Quests are free to do... but watch out! The quest giver might want something from you...

Classic Quests

Bring your bone shards and complete a quest.. be careful though, failure upsets the Bone Collector!

Kazoo is quite bored and requesting toys to play with. If you quickly bring him some toys he will share a prize with you!

Hydracat is HUNGRY!! Bring the requested foods fast or you might be the next snack!

This artisan needs help sparking his inspiration! Satisfy his muse quickly, and he will reward you with some of his latest works of art.

Gathering Quests

Bring your gathering basket and start foraging in this beautiful flowering field.

This dark grotto is home to all sorts of interesting things, a perfect place to find unusual ingredients.

Aquatic materials and treasures are plentiful in this coral cove. Now if you can just find a way to reach them..

An inhospitable environment, far too hot and dangerous to simply hike through.. you'll need to be well prepared!

The soils around and beneath the waters are glittering with minerals! A perfect place to pan for shinies.

Bring yourself a pickaxe and the riches of this dig are yours for the taking!

Valuable minerals await you in this deep, dark, mine. You're going to need some dynamite to remove all this hardstone.

Shiny crystals cover every inch of this magical cavern! You'll need special tools to collect them though.

Crafting Quests

This kitchen is in dire need of some homemade gourmet food! Can you appease their picky patrons with your crafted Gourmet Foods?

The Tinkerer is willing to share his crafting knowledge if you bring him materials.

Assist the lab in the pursuit of alchemical knowledge.