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June 2024 TE Items
Posted by PhantomFire on Jun 05, 2024 12:52 am
June and almost ready for a hot hot summer! Do you have plans for summer vacation? Post in comments what you like to do in summer and you might win one of the two TE items! 2 lucky winners will be chosen at random!

• Summer Lounger Goat [3TE]
Working on my tan!

Click for a sample
Click here

• Summer Flower Pony [3TE]
Sweet fragrance of summer

Click for a sample
Click here

Thank you Higgs for the TE items this month!



Are you ready to dance in the sunlight? Summer is just about here!

Fancy Dance Cape & Leggings [ 5 TE ]


Fancy Dance Bonnet [ 5 TE ]


Both are now available in the TE Items Shop, as well as our Item Demo if you'd like to see them on multiple Puma breeds.

Remember, the Premium Monthly item is available for 5TE if you want one or two.


You can find all on sale now in the TE Items Shop
100000 PP reward for your first comment!

SebraxisJun 05, 2024 12:57 am
Ooooh, pretty!!!

andrew1551Jun 05, 2024 1:00 am
to be honest i didnt really plan anything most the time if i plan stuff people overide it so

dragoJun 05, 2024 1:08 am
Pretty! Ty Higgs
In summer I love trying the new seasonal iced drink from the shops while taking a walk around the neighbourhood.

nekokitJun 05, 2024 2:51 am
Exploring a state park we haven't been to before and hopefully getting out to see orcas. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we sometimes see the orcas from shore.

whitbugJun 05, 2024 2:51 am

ElliebeanzJun 05, 2024 4:05 am
jealous of my premium friends...

LoolooJun 05, 2024 4:16 am

EmmieJun 05, 2024 5:59 am
Omg, I love these....ty highs

As to what I like to do in summer....usually trying not to get hair and fair skin = sun

IlovecatsbettethandogsJun 05, 2024 8:00 am
So cute!

In summer I love just lying in the front yard sunbathing while reading books (I'm a book nerd) and occasionally sipping iced tea! :)

raniJun 05, 2024 8:24 am
So prettyy!!

luauJun 05, 2024 9:24 am
fun items! my favorite summer activity is taking a nap on the beach zzz... ♥

plutoJun 05, 2024 9:28 am
love this

kidkeeperJun 05, 2024 9:31 am
Love these! summer time this year - get hubby surgery done and go fishing!!

EmeraldStoneJun 05, 2024 1:49 pm

TotoroJun 05, 2024 3:54 pm
I want to lounge with that goat!!!

DragonaraJun 05, 2024 8:35 pm
Love them...specially the pony <3

mollymookJun 06, 2024 1:45 pm
As to what I like to do this summer Is to get my Husband to take a break from work and take me and the kids to Aqaba jordan and stay in ayla apartments sipping iced coffee or lemon sparkling water on the beach.

Dr SeikansteinJun 06, 2024 5:26 pm
When I was a kid I used to like catching tadpoles in the puddles from summer rain. I loved laying on the trampoline in the rain in summer.

ChimechoJun 07, 2024 12:17 am
very swagful goat

TaveJun 09, 2024 10:42 am

XueJun 12, 2024 1:34 pm
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